Shalom: 4 Tips To Help You Find The Right Jewish Education For Your Child

Learning to read and write is crucial to every child's future. However, there are other things that are just as crucial, especially when you want your child to grow to be a well-rounded adult. If you want your child to grow intellectually and spiritually, you want their education to encompass religious components. But, how do you raise your children to embrace both education and their Jewish heritage? Here are four components you should look for when choosing an religious education program for your kids. [Read More]

3 Major Benefits Of Charter Schools

One of the most important matters that parents tend to focus on is the education of their children. When you give your child a great head start in life through excellent education, you are able to set them on the course of success for life. Charter schools are an excellent option for people looking to make the most of their children's education. These schools are founded by teachers or communities that receive public funding. [Read More]

How To Share Your Fitness Habit With Your Kids

Many parents struggle with maintaining a healthy lifestyle amid the chaos of raising children.  Even more challenging can be passing on the habit of good health and fitness.  The good news is that kids love to be active and try new things.  Use this to your advantage to foster good fitness. Take Them to the Gym with You Many gyms and fitness centers have daycare facilities where you can have your children taken care of for an hour or two while you work out. [Read More]

How To Save Money On Child Care

As you likely know, the costs of child care can eat up a large portion of one's budget. Fortunately, believe it or not, there's no need to pay a premium price in order to get quality care for your child while you're at work. Here are a few things you can do to save money on child care without sacrificing the quality of said care. Start a Babysitting Cooperative One way you can save money on child care is by joining, or starting, a babysitting cooperative. [Read More]