Before School Child Care: 3 Services To Look For In Order To Enjoy A Stress-Free Morning

Mornings are almost always the busiest time of the day. More than 50% of Americans are up and about by 6:30 in the morning and getting ready to go to work and start their day. Parents have it the hardest, as they need to not only take care of themselves but also their children as well. If you have young children, you're responsible for making them breakfast, packing them lunch, and dropping them off at school.

Preschool Fibbing: Are They Lying Or Just Storytelling?

As your child starts mastering language at about the age of three or four, you're going to notice a troubling problem: they like to tell a lot of stories. You are having an increasingly hard time believing anything they are saying, and are a little worried about it. However, there's a chance that they aren't actually lying, but engaging in what is known as "fantasy play." Knowing the difference between the two is crucial.

6 Important Questions To Ask When Choosing A Preschool

Choosing the right preschool is a challenge, and the choices can seem confusing and overwhelming.  Choose the right environment for your child to make sure they are getting the most out of the experience by asking a few important questions of each preschool you are considering. 1. What Is The Curriculum and Educational Philosophy?  There are several major educational philosophies in early childhood education, and each takes a different approach to how children are taught, the structure of the environment, and what is part of the curriculum.